Jeremy Phillips

Director of research, Road Safety Great Britain

Jeremy is director of research for Road Safety GB and road casualty reduction manager for Devon County Council.  He also sits on the Board of the Devon & Cornwall Road Safety Partnership (managing the deployment of safety cameras in South West England) and is Chairman of the regional Road Safety GB group.

During his time with Devon County Council his highway authority won national recognition as a “Beacon Authority for Road Safety” – awarded for excellence in road casualty reduction. He then managed a series of initiatives to help support other highway authorities to develop their own road safety services.

His interests in continued professional development, evidence based practice, and “academic partnerships” for road safety practitioners are a key feature of his work – with Devon publishing several research papers and promoting models of evidence based working through formal training for road safety professionals. More recently and following significant cuts in budget and resources, he has been working on different models of road safety delivery to try to maintain similar levels of service.

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