Peter van der Knaap.jpeg

Peter van der Knaap

Managing Director, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research

Peter van der Knaap (Amsterdam, 1965) is Managing-Director of SWOV, the national Institute for Road Safety Research in The Netherlands. Previously, he worked as head of Policy Evaluation Research with the Ministry of Finance and as Director of Policy Research & Audits at the Netherlands Court of Audit. Van der Knaap holds a PhD. in Public Administration, which he earned in 1997 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam with “Learning Government, Intelligent Policies”, an investigation of the way in which organizations learn from policy evaluation research. Van der Knaap has expertise in the following areas: road safety, policy evaluation & research, inspection cost-benefit analysis, and finance. He has wide-ranging experience in leadership and management, features a wide network and is the author of several scientific articles, books and other publications.

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