Ariane Cuenen

Biografie Post-doctoral researcher - Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) at Hasselt University

Ariane Cuenen graduated as a Bachelor in Cognitive Psychology in 2010 and as a Master in Health and Social Psychology in 2012 at Maastricht University (the Netherlands). In 2012, Ariane started her PhD at the Traffic & Transport Psychology Unit of the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) related to the University of Hasselt (Belgium). This unit is responsible for all research activities concerning human behavior-related aspects within the context of the Human-Vehicle-Environment System. She investigated human factors involved in driving behavior across the life span and the underlying mechanisms of unsafe driving behavior. 

In addition, she investigated methods and strategies to influence these underlying mechanisms, with the focus on learning, education and training. Regarding youth, these methods consisted of pre- and post-license educational programs, driver monitoring and feedback systems. Regarding older drivers, these methods consisted of cognitive training (e.g. working memory training, inhibitory control training) and driver training (e.g. driving simulator based training). Moreover, she investigated the effectiveness of these methods and strategies. 

In July 2016, she obtained her PhD. At this moment, she is enrolled in the business unit ‘Applied research’. In addition to her research activities, she is responsible for several courses concerning traffic psychology of the bachelor- and master program in Transportation sciences.