Dick de Waard

Biografie Neuropsychology & Traffic Psychology - University of Groningen

Dick de Waard (1964) is a professor of Traffic Psychology and the Retention of Mobility at the University of Groningen. He graduated in 1989 in Experimental Psychology at the same university and from 1989 onwards he has worked there, first at the Traffic Research Centre and later at the Department of Psychology. Dick’s main research interest has been the measurement of driver mental workload, the subject of his PhD thesis (1996).

He has been particularly active as research associate and lecturer in the applied fields of surface transportation and aviation. Subjects of study have been impaired driving detection, new transport telematics, and driver training. Behavioural adaptation to (adaptive) automation in and outside the traffic environment are also main areas of interest and work. Apart from European projects he has co-ordinated and contributed to many national projects, most were commissioned by the Ministry of Transport. Nowadays his focus is also on cyclist’s behaviour and mobility of older traffic participants and patients with mild cognitive impairments. From September 2016 he has been responsible for the Mastertrack Traffic Psychology and Sustained Mobility.

12.00 am - Forgiving cycling infrastructure
Day 3 – Wednesday 30 August 2017 - Road infrastructure