You were amazing!

From the 28th of August until the 1st of September, road safety professionals from different countries gathered in Mechelen for the European Road Safety Summer School 2017.

Excellent speakers, inspirational visits to Mechelen, Hasselt and Brussels and ample networking opportunities made this international 5-day course a big success! On top of that, the participants were given the opportunity to climb aboard the tumbling car for a ‘spin’. The car rotates 360 degrees - leaving passengers hanging upside-down, with only the seatbelt holding them in place. This experience is a great example of how effective a seatbelt can be in avoiding serious injury. Also, the virtual reality goggles showing the risks of the blind spot turned out to be a hit.

Thank you for being here! Together we once again got closer to effectively dealing with road safety issues throughout the world. Enjoy our photo album and relive the 2017 Summer School. See you next time! 

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