The European Road Safety Summer School is a 5-day course in English intended for professionals dealing with road safety issues and wanting to expand their knowledge and expertise in this field.



Monday 1st until Friday 5th of July 2024.


The online Summer School is free of charge.



Good to know

This is an interactive training so we expect you to participate with your camera on and access to your microphone during Q&A.

Learning objectives

After attending Summer School 2024:

  • you are aware that an integrated approach to road safety is necessary to develop a sound road safety policy
  • you can describe the three pillars of a road safety approach, namely education, engineering and enforcement
  • you are aware that improving road safety is part of an overarching sustainable mobility concept.
  • you can explain the different models and principles that are used to develop a vision and strategy on road safety to someone
  • you can explain the different working methods and tools that are used to implement a targeted approach to reduce road risk to someone.
  • you can recognize the international good practices of the speakers, and you can apply elements from these best practices in your own work environment
  • you know the various supporting partners at European level that you can call upon while implementing a road safety policy

Who should attend?

Professionals dealing with road safety and mobility issues and wanting to expand their knowledge and expertise in this field: staff at national, regional or local authorities, road safety interest groups, police, spatial planning and road infrastructure departments, members of consultation committees, researchers….


Please feel free to contact us at if you need any further information.

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